Keep your fire bright! Solidarity Railway sabotage in Burlington

Anonymous submission to North Shore

Last night, we did a sabotage at railway bottleneck in Burlington. This place chosen because of the juncture there, with lines from Detroit and Buffalo joining to go forward to Toronto and Montreal. We have heard it’s the busiest intersection of this kind in Canada. This action is in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en people in the front line struggle against the Canadian state and the corporations it supports, in response to a call for actions attacking the railways.

We did this by identifying a signal station and setting a fire under its power supply to destroy the cables that would feed it. Hoping this will take them some time to repair and keeping the line closed for longer.

We do this to show the ones on the front lines they are not alone and that others will make strong moves in solidarity should the RCMP advance against them. We chose this stressful moment of negotiations that started today to help the front lines keep their fires bright.

Let’s keep blocking the rails, solidarity is a powerful tool that lets us all build autonomy. RCMP out of Wet’suwet’en territory and everywhere else.

[This post was edited for clarity]