When we leave we do not march: Anarchist thoughts on Palestine solidarity

Today, November 1st 2023, when the veil is at its thinnest, the dead in Gaza speak to us.

We, the writers, are not Palestinian. We write this for fellow north american anarchists of a certain type. You’ll see yourself as you read. We also write this for the anarchy-adjacent, and for anyone who is interested.

The horror of Israel’s genocide of Palestinians is deep, inescapable, and intricate. We, anarchists and those close to anarchy, understand the history, the context of apartheid, the numbers, the hypocrisy, the exceptionalism, the cruelty, the torture. We sob. We lose sleep, and friends, and family.

We feel helpless, so we undertake the relatively and subjectively fearsome tasks available  in the current repertoire of “resistance”. These tasks are fine, and understandable: marches, popular education, “movement-building”, “speaking out” at school or at work, petitions and declarations, non-violent direct action.

Are you truly satisfied with the fine and understandable? Is the moral righteousness of “taking a stand” all that you need to live in freedom with others? Read More …

Hamilton Queer Community Defence Reportback

On November 24, people in Hamilton showed up to support a drag storytime event after word spread online that haters would be coming to protest it. Some of the apparent organizers of the event emerged from the ‘freedom convoy’ movement but lately seem to have been focusing on queer/trans-related issues, especially those concerning kids.  Read More …

Toronto: May Day Bank Attack

In “Toronto” on the morning of May 1st, we attacked an RBC branch in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en land defenders. We left a spray-painted message, a damaged lock, and a mess of red paint.

As we walked away into a beautiful May Day sunrise, we left a trail of messages through the city.

We were left wanting more, but we know that there are many more days ahead.

The time is now, the task is simple! Atta​​​​​​​ck! Read More …

Ottawa: RBC Branch Redecorated in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en

Fire extinguisher full of white paint was used on the facade of a RBC branch located in Ottawa during the holiday week.

The action was meant as an answer to the calls to action from the Gidimt’en clan who retook possession of “Coyote Camp” with their allies. We stand in solidarity with the Wetʼsuwetʼen nation and against KKKanada’s genocidal project.

Fuck CGL, Fuck the RCMP, fuck RBC, Shut down KKKanada and get the fuck out of the Yintah! Read More …

Attack on Encampment Eviction Collaborators

Earlier this week a branch of Quantum Murray Environmental in Stoney Creek, Ontario had several of its windows smashed in the middle of the night. Quantum Murray is a construction company that specialized in dealing with industrial-scale environmental problems and infrastructure, but that has more recently gotten into the business of encampment evictions in Hamilton. Read More …

Glorious Rage: Rail Sabotage in Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en

One recent evening, allies/accomplices went out into the night to pick up where others may have left off in the spring of 2020: targeting rail infrastructure.

Using various methods (detailed below for your reference, education and delight!) we disrupted rail all over so-called southern Ontario throughout the night, hitting nearly a dozen different spots on both CN and CP rail lines. We did this in heartfelt solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en defending their Yintah from destruction, and fuelled our actions with the justified rage we feel towards the RCMP and state for once against invading their territory on behalf of a private corporation. Read More …

Coast-to-coast Call to Action – Compilation of submissions

While North Shore was down in late November and early December, we received three submissions from BC and Quebec about actions taken there in solidarity with the Coast to Call Call to Action being circulated by Wet’suwet’en land defenders involved with Gidim’ten checkpoint. The three are below, all were received anonymously.

BC: Power Lines Feeding LNG Facility Sabotaged — A statement from a few who aim to shut down Canada
BC: Update on Recent Direct Action Against the Coastal GasLink Pipeline
MTL: Solidarity Disruption and Experimentation on the CP and AMT railroad Read More …

Hamilton: John A MacDonald Statue Painted Red

Early in the morning on November 9th, a few of us tread into the night to pay visit to Sir John A Macdonald in Gore park downtown Hamilton. With a loaded fire extinguisher, we painted him red, symbolizing his blood-soaked legacy. We did this in solidarity with the land defenders out 1492 Landback Lane, our neighbors from Six Nations, who are facing intense police violence in their attempt to save their land from another cheap and hollow suburban development. Read More …

OPP collaborators, we see you!

Anonymous Submission to North Shore UAV Tower Innovations is a drone company that is being paid by the OPP to spy on indigenous land defenders. Their publicly listed address is 403138 Grey Rd 4, Durham. Last night we spraypainted a message on their driveway: OPP COLLABORATORS WE SEE YOU! WE ARE WATCHING YOU NO JUSTICE ON STOLEN NATIVE LAND This is a warning, keep your drones away from the front Read More …